Friday, June 1, 2012

Roe Doe at Longdale

I keep seeing this roe doe near the gallery here at Fotherdale. I think she has a fawn stashed somewhere close by.
The cold weather we had in April means she is late moulting into her summer coat
I photographed her here in Longdale, the neighbouring valley where I think the fawn must be.

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  1. Robert,this spring i discover, three territories of a reproductibe cuples of roe deer.I have to find a secure place for hiding and fotograph at least; one couple, male and female.The problem is,allways that i try to photograph them, become clouded and begining to rain or if its a suny day, makes wind,and even though i still dresed with my integral camouflage dress, they fill my smell and escape from my objective.The next wekend, i use the camouflage net combined with the camouflage dress, both impregnated and dirtyed by the earth and vegetation of the habitat of this animals.Salutations!.