Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Badger's unlikely lodgers

Whilst examing a badger sett looking for signs of occupancy recently, I stumbled across a fox den. The vixen was using part of the sett for her cubs and when I went to watch I managed to get shots of both!
Country foxes are extrememly shy and it is notoriously difficult to watch a vixen with her cubs so I spent several nights at the sett waiting for a showing but I only got this brief glimpse of one of the cubs hunting daddy long leg spiders.
 To read more about my fox cub watching click here to read my column this month in the Yorkshire Post.


  1. Wonderful photos. I thought the top photo of badgers was one of your paintings. It certainly would make a great portrait if you painted it.

  2. Interesting phographs Robert,especially the badgers.In one occasion wile i walking with my dog in the forest on the evening, i saw an one badger that crossing just only a three meters in front of me,ignoring my dog also,it was really amazing situation because, this mammals have an acute sense of smell, and dont react in the presence of my dog and me!.

  3. Thanks John!
    You must have been down wind I guess, Marc?