Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wood shed haven

I photographed this robin nesting in my friend Nick Coates' wood shed. Birds like his shed despite the fact that it is very busy and noisy.
In fact his workshop is a haven for all sorts of nesting birds, including this blackbird which chose to raise her brood on top of a strimmer and this mistle thrush pair nesting in the guttering.
Nick is a keen birdwatcher and these birds will put up with any amount of noisy machinery knowing they are safe from predators if they stay close to him.
Click here to read my latest column in the Yorkshire Post on the unusual nesting spots in Nick's workshop.


  1. The top photo looks like a perfect subject for a painting. Any plans on doing a composition based upon that Robin?

  2. Not a bad idea John.
    I have painted a robin in a 'domestic' pose before after one nested in an old teapot in the garden and the painting became a best seller. Can't work out to load it into this message but maybe if you follow this link

  3. Your friend have good company with these birds.I have the project for install a one eatable for birds, in the corner of my garden, where grow a laurel tree where the birds use like a refuge for sleep.This autumn they have free full board,for the bad seasons.