Friday, June 24, 2011

Wolds Secret Orchids

The orchids are out on the Yorkshire Wolds now. I photographed these alongside the very busy A166. Hundreds of people drive past them every day. I wonder if they give them as much as a second glance. There is almost an acre of wildflowers here. When the top soil was scraped off to build the road, the chalk that was left behind made a perfect habitat for them to flourish in.

I spent a little much-needed down time there just after the exhibition and watched as the insects gorged. This is a six-spot burnet moth on a common spotted orchid.

And here he is again on a southern marsh orchid I loved this harvestman taking shelter in the common spotted orchid.I managed to catch the burnet moth as he took off. The common spotted orchids are so large this year they remind me of cathedrals.
I also saw this pyramidal orchid.
And these common blue butterflies, pictured here on mouse ear hawkweed with another male flying in.

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  1. Fabulous photos, Robert. Thank you for posting them. How was the show?