Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tawny Owl in Flight

I've started to experiment with a stroboscopic flash recently. It fires off a rapid series of flashes so that you can record multiple images of a moving subject in a single photograph. This picture of the tawny owl I feed outside my kitchen window was taken using it. It has to be dark to achieve this, otherwise you get a ghost effect since the background is also exposed.
You also have to get the timing right. The shot above was taken with the flash set set to fire at nine times a second.But here I had it set to go off more frequently and the owl overlaps. I watched the owl through a telescope as it sat on a post at the edge of the garden and triggered the camera with a wireless remote shutter release. The camera was set on manual with the lens at F4 and a speed of an eighth of a second.

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