Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lake Nakuru

Recent heavy rains had watered down the salinity of Lake Nakuru so there weren't as many flamingos as usual when we visited. But there was still plenty to see - including 19 white rhinos!!!
This salt-water lake in the heart of the great rift valley is usually pink with flamingos which feed on the algae in the salt water. Last time I visited some two and a half million formed a thick pink rim round the lake's edge.
But there were still a few thousand to see and the flamingos that were there brightened up our view.
The bird life at Lake Nakuru is always spectacular, this yellow billed stork was very handsome!
 And these pelicans were great to watch. 

But the abundance of white rhino is Nakuru national park's greatest achievement and the guests on my safari really enjoyed seeing them.
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