Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Regent's Park still an oasis of calm

My article for the Gazette & Herald this month was on my visit to Regent's Park to see the famous heronry what an oasis of calm this photo is in light of the recent looting and riots in London. The herons were not thankfully caught up in any of the riots as the violence is only in small pockets in London.

The day that the article was published I sold this original of a Regent's Park heron in the gallery. The customer said that it was the subtle colours in the heron's plummage that made her buy the painting. The lady is originally from London but it is going to be hung in her home in County Durham.


  1. As one who has done a number of illustrations of herons (as apposed to fine art), this is by far the best I have seen, I am not surprised it sold so quickly, it is beutiful. Lucky lady!

  2. Your heron is a beauty! And I'm glad you are safe.

  3. gorgeous painting! so subtle...detailed...calming. it will certainly be the center of focus in the lady's home! beautiful!