Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kestrel Kids

A family of kestrels have been nesting in an old sycamore stump I put up for them near the garden! They actually nested in the garden to begin with, but sadly lost their first brood to a carrion crow.
These pictures are of their second brood. I spent some time watching the three chicks as they grew.
To read all about their antics click here to link to my latest column in The Yorkshire Post.


  1. those are truly awesome pictures!! wow!! the first one...caught in flight coming out! the second one...where he's yelling at you to get away! ha!! and the little fuzzy/down feathers on the young one in the third...and then the fanned out tail in the next one...and the last shot is amazing!! LOVE them all!!
    you did really good making that home for them...they look happy!! :)

  2. Your photos of the kestrels are amazing. Tank you for posting them!