Thursday, November 4, 2010

Autumn Display

I've been so busy finishing off my paintings for the exhibition that I haven't had time to go out and get any photographs of the wonderful autumn display we've been having. And then when I finally did get out this morning the storm we had last night had blown most of the leaves off!
The dry weather we've been enjoying recently gives you just the chemical reaction you need to turn the leaves to such beautiful russets and golds.I particularly wanted to get pictures of leaf litter because this is something I often need as background for my paintings, like in this one below.I often have to work on getting photographs for paintings a year in advance because the wildlife window is so short.
There have been quite a few sightings of waxwings this year, including more than a 100 spotted at Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham at the weekend, and since there were none at all last year I really do need to make sure I get out and get some more photographs of them for next year.

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