Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spurn Point

Spurn Point is a great place to see winter migrants coming in. The unique shape of this spit of land means the birds don't disperse as quickly as they would if they landed on the main land.There is also cover and food for them to stay as they recover from the long flight across the north sea from Scandinavia. I saw plenty of familiar birds there last week, including these two chaffinches taking a rest after migrating in. I actually watched this female fly in off the sea and collapse exhausted onto the road with her wings out. I helped her onto the edge of the road where she slowly recovered and then flew off into a nearby bush. This red wing was keen to get feeding and build up its strength before venturing further in land. There were hundreds of field fares, a beautiful thrush from Scandinavia. And this male northern bullfinch was so exhausted from its flight that I was able to get really close to within five feet of it as it fed on nettle seeds.

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