Thursday, June 3, 2010

A cutie hidden in a 'bale park'

I headed out the other night to get some muck for my vegetable patch from my dad's farm at Givendale. Near to where the muck is, there is an area in the corner of the field which had been left fallow. This in farming terms is known as a 'bale park'. A bale park is an area that farmers leave unsown, which can be used to store bales straw. Bale parks are often little wildlife hot spots. Often there are lots of low growing weeds, annual flowers and seed heads which provide food for all sorts of animals and birds. On this occasion I spotted this leveret which I guess would be about 7 weeks old. It squatted down in the weeds, so I watched for an hour hoping it would relax and I would be able to get some nice behavioural shots.

Sure enough, it eventually decided that the presence of my car was not to threatening and started to groom itself.

Next it started to nibble on the grasses and shoots in the area.

Before standing up and heading off, as the light faded.

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