Tuesday, January 26, 2010

WWT Slimbridge rocks!

This weekend I travelled down to Gloucester. I had a meeting with the curator of Nature in Art Museum in Twigworth. I was really impressed with the collection of wildlife paintings and sculptures that they had and hopefully my work will appear in one of their exhibitions in the not too distant future!

The following day I went to WWT Slimbridge where there is a fantastic network of wetlands on the river Severn. There were wildfowl from all over the world in the ponds, but I decided to focus on the native British species.

This was a favourite shot of a Bewick Swan as it came into land. Many of the birds close to the visitor centre are pinioned, but this one clearly wasn't! It had been attracted in by the calls of the others. Bewick Swans overwinter in Britain and come in all the way from Arctic Siberia.
I stayed all day photographing the ducks and birds. I took this shot as the sun set. I headed off back to where I was staying, with this kind moorhen showing me the way home!
I returned the following day, to take some more shots which I'll post tomorrow.

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