Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Red alert for red list birds

The RSPB has warned that the savage wintry weather is the single greatest threat to wildlife this millennium. This week the society launched emergency action to help threatened red list species survive the icy blast.
It is calling on us all to feed the birds in our gardens to help get them through the icy grip. Several red-list birds use our gardens as refuges in winter, including house sparrows, starlings and song thrushes.
The RSPB claims that the icy weather is also bringing further red-list birds to suburban gardens including redpolls, yellowhammers and tree sparrows.
Please, please get out there and put some food out for them. From apples, to seeds, nuts and fat balls, these rations will help the UK's bird population face off the biggest killer this millenium. For more information click here.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I too feed my birds throughout our long winters. Not only do we keep them alive, they too keep life in us, during this season. I enjoy watching them dart in and out to the feeder. I can spend lost hours watching the dance...

  2. I love these paintings, especially the Yellowhammer. Feeding birds is counterproductive if there are cats in the nieghborhood.

  3. Hello Robert! You have very beautiful paintings. I enjoy your discussions on wildlife. Over here in Illinois (USA) we have such cold winters. The birds really need the extra help. A friend of ours takes drives down country lanes spreading feed for the wild pheasants and turkeys, or they really can starve to death. It's to easy to forget sometimes the little creatures outside in the cold. Keep up the wonderful posts. I look forward to more!