Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bird of Prey Bonanza

It's been a great week for wildlife watching at home - especially on the birds of prey front. During the last few days alone I have spotted:

  • red kites
  • little owls
  • short eared owls
  • tawny owls
  • barn owls
Also, thankfully, some pheasants sparring - just what I needed for a painting I am planning. How do you like the photograph I took?

And, most remarkable of all, 'Kes' the kestrel I thought was lost - I had fed him from my bird table for four years until he disappeared a year ago - came back! The only trouble was, since he's been away a new 'Kes' had adopted us. It was amazing watching the two meet. They sort of looked each other in the eye, then the old Kes (pictured below with less colour in his plumage) gave new Kes a bit of a peck and now they both feed from the same spot.

They've had to learn to take turns though!

I was on the TV in November about my bird of prey feeding station. If you want to see the clip click on the link: http://

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