Thursday, January 12, 2017

Watch My TV tour of Wolds Way Way on BBC1 on January 20th

I'm going to be giving a tour of the wildlife to be found along the Yorkshire Wolds Way in a new series on TV next week.

'The Yorkshire Wolds Way' is a new two-part programme due to be aired across the Yorkshire region, spanning both the Leeds and Hull areas, on Friday 13th and 20th of January, and then screened nationally on BBC2 in March. I feature in the second episode on BBC1 on Friday the 20th.

The series follows the arctic explorer Paul Rose as he walks this beautiful national walking trail. I met Paul back in June 2016 and gave him a tour of the wildlife to be found along the section of the walk that borders my gallery in Thixendale. It was so interesting to show Paul, who has travelled the globe, what there is to be found on his doorstep.

The Wolds Way runs for 79-miles through unique dry river valleys. These steep-sided valleys consist of chalk limestone that supports rare wild flowers, including orchids, and a wealth of wildlife. It is one of the quietest national trails and so you are likely to spot hares, buzzards, red kites and roe deer as you walk along it. I took Paul to see a pair of tawny owls and their chicks that live just off the trail.

I also gave him a tour of my gallery, which is located just a few hundred yards from the Wolds Way, and showed him how I use surveillance cameras to watch the everyday lives of owls, weasels, stoats and kestrels via TV monitors inside my gallery and studio.

He was fascinated to learn how I encourage wildlife into my garden so that I can follow the lives of my painting subjects from my studio. I showed him the weasels, stoats and birds of prey that are resident in my garden and took him to the spot outside my studio where I film these creatures.

Tune in at 7.30pm on Friday 20th to watch the programme!
You can find out more about Paul Rose and his new TV series here

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