Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Preview of new original paintings 2015

I've just finished a new collection of paintings in time for my exhibition opening on Saturday, November 7th-29th. Here's a sneak preview.

Weasel Wall, Acrylic painting by Robert E Fuller £4,350 Image size: 26x18" Framed 39 x 32" 

I had a family of weasels living in my back garden so I made nesting chambers and feeding boxes which I  surrounded by natural stones or roots and I installed ten surveillance cameras to track their movements around the garden. This is one of the male kits emerging from its nest.

Fox-a-mousing, Original acrylic painting by Robert E Fuller. £2,150.
Image Size: 10.5x6.25" Framed 20.25x6.25"
I saw this fox one winter coming out of a stack of straw
bales. I parked my car and followed it on foot down a bank of a canal.  The fox stopped and I watched it listening face down in the snow; it then pounced into the air plunging head first into the snow after a vole or a mouse. It missed and went on its way. I looked at where it had pounced and there in the deep snow was a perfect face print of a fox!

Short-eared owl in flight, original acrylic painting by Robert E Fuller. £2,595,
Image Size: 13.5x6.75" Framed: 23x18"
I spent several days in deep snow watching five short eared owls hunting for voles in a valley on the Yorkshire Wolds. I was amazed how they could dive into 18” of snow to catch their prey. I was dressed in a white ski suit to disguise my presence as they hunted.

Grey Partridge- Christmas Calling Acrylic painting by Robert E Fuller £3,500
Image Size: 10.5x14.25" Framed: 20.5x25"
I was photographing hares on a snow-covered field hoping to capture them boxing in the snow. The mist came down and I was surrounded by white. I heard a grey partridge calling, it was getting louder each call it made – then a single partridge came out of the mist towards me. A weak sun came through the mist and lit up the bird as it called; it kept running and calling, looking for the rest of the covey before it vanished into the mist.

Barn Owl in Elm Stump, Original Acrylic Painting by Robert E Fuller. £6,550
Image Size 17.25x21.25" Framed: 29x33.5"

I lifted this old elm stump into a tree near my house to make a natural nest box. Kestrels and tawny owls have used it in the past to nest in but 2015 was the first year in which a barn owl used it. The male barn owl overthrew a pair of kestrels which were going to nest there, it was an hour long battle but eventually the barn owl won. This is the female which arrived two hours after the male’s fight with the kestrel. It was very interesting watching the barn owls meeting for the first time.

Climbing Stoat, Original Acrylic Painting by Robert E Fuller £5,290
Image size: 13 x 18.25" Framed: 32.25 x 25.75"
I had a family of stoats living in the garden and this one found the branch where I feed my local kestrels. I love how mischievous they are; sometimes they would push the kestrels off the food and pinch it, they always won, even though the kestrels were reluctant to leave their food.
Galapagos Greater Flamingo Original oil painting by Robert E Fuller £2,100
Image Size: 6 x12.5" Framed: 17.25x22.75"
There are only approximately six hundred Galapagos greater flamingos left and they are never seen en masse. I was lucky enough to see two males having a power struggle for dominance, the one that gets their head highest wins!

For more of my original paintings or for more information please call 01759 368355 or click here to see my website.

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