Thursday, April 23, 2015

Watch this wild weasel as it builds a nest in the garden

The CCTV cameras in my garden are working a treat! Yesterday I captured this wild weasel as she made a nest!

I first spotted her in the garden a few months ago and have been staking out her favourite haunt for a while.

I rigged up a camera into a hollow log and have been putting food inside in the hope of attracting her. I also put an old mouse nest in, just in case I was lucky enough to persuade her to nest in there!

She went into the log for the first time yesterday and as she did so I noticed a bulge in her pencil-thin body.

Sure enough the footage last night shows her quickly turning the nest into a dome and snuggling in to sleep for the night.

I can't believe my luck. She's taken straight to it. And she's already pregnant!!!

I might put some rabbit fur out tonight so she can line the nest. I can't wait now to see the kits! Fingers crossed!!!

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