Monday, October 6, 2014

A Sparrowhawk in the Studio!

I was sitting at my easel putting the final touches to this kestrel painting when a greenfinch flew through the open studio door with a sparrowhawk hot on its heels!

The two birds literally flew right over my head and then the sparrowhawk snatched the greenfinch just as it passed the back of my head. I didn't move.

The sparrowhawk, its prey clutched tightly in its claws, then swung round to fly out of the window. But it smashed straight into the pane, falling stunned, at my feet!

I picked them both up. The greenfinch was already dead but the sparrowhawk soon recovered and I took it outside to let it go.

Talk about getting your painting subjects to come to you! I have put a lot of effort and time into turning my garden into a wildlife haven so that I can watch my painting models from my window, but I've never actually had one come into the studio!

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