Thursday, January 9, 2014

Warts and all

I painted this last month as a gift for someone and it was a delight to do so as I've always wanted to create a composition featuring these characterful creatures.

Funnily enough I first came up with the idea for the composition some 20 years ago on my very fist trip to the African continent. I was on an unscheduled and, as I discovered later, somewhat kamakazi walk along the Zambezi river, when I first encountered warthogs and the idea struck. 
Whilst I tried to get some photographic studies to make my idea a reality, I got a little too close to a warthog and ended up being thrown into some bushes by a bad tempered female - much to the amusement of my wife!
I wrote about the experience in my Yorkshire Post column at Christmas and my article made the front cover!

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