Monday, July 1, 2013

Broody Pheasant Joins the Family

A pheasant hen decided to bring up her brood right on the doorstep last month.

I fed her on mealworms and before she ran to gobble them up she would shake all the chicks out from under her wings - all except this cheeky one.

He jumped out as soon as he realised what he was missing though.

She soon got used to living with us - even making sure she put our dog Tink in her place.
Before long, I was able to lift her wing and take out a chick to show my daughter, Lily. It was as though she were a broody hen rather than a wild pheasant!

Read more on the story by following this link to my latest column in the Yorkshire Post. 

1 comment:

  1. Lovely post, Robert!
    How wonderful to have this mom coming to you with her chicks.
    She seems quite accustomed to people.
    I love your paintings, they make feel like getting back to drawing myself, but I won't have time in the near future.
    I have enjoyed spending a moment on your blog,
    Cheers for now!