Friday, May 3, 2013

Getting sheep dogs back to work

This smiley-faced dog is one of the chief instructors at a York-based training centre for abandoned and unwanted border collies who will be visiting the gallery next Sunday.

He reminds me of the sheep dogs that used to work on the farm where I grew up in Givendale. They were so intelligent!
Named Nap, this old dog is missing a few teeth but still maintains an enviable work ethic. He takes new canine recruits at Border Collie Rescue under his paw, so to speak. 

The charity's uses Nap to help them assess new arrivals at the home and then gets him to help them train the young pups up accordingly.
Border collies are well known for their intelligence. The breed dates back to the raids on the Scottish Borders. Raiders would use the dogs to shepherd plundered stock back to homesteads – getting the dogs to herd the stolen flock alone so that the men could avoid the risk of risk getting caught with stolen property.

Come and meet Nap and some of his recruits from Border Collie Rescue here at TheRobert Fuller Gallery Fotherdale Farm, Thixendale YO17 9LS on Sunday 12thMay.  The talk, Border Collie – A useful dog is at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £9.50, 50% of which goes to Border Collie Rescue.
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  1. Cant believe how much Nap looks like my Tilly, except for a few spots on Tilly's nose. She lies exactly like Nap looking at me with that same intense. My heart goes out to those four sad and dejected dogs in the background. Good on ya Nap keep up the good work boy!

  2. Thank you Bev. Did you see this article about Nap in the York Press today