Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gearing up for some Farm Fun

These lambs were born this weekend - just in time for the farm event we are holding here on March 16th.
I needed a photograph to publicise the event and was getting worried that there wouldn't be any!!! The piglets are due to be born on Tuesday and we are expecting some calves too.
The animals are part of a mobile farm which The Purple Pig Company will be bringing to the gallery for the family farm day on March 16th.
I hope lots of families will enjoy this outdoor event. I thought it was time I did something to support the National Trust's campaign to reconnect children with nature.
The Trust's research into how British children are growing up disconnected from wildlife and the countryside prompted me to remember how as a child I spent most of my time out of doors, watching wildlife, fishing and ferreting.
Click here to read my latest column in the Ryedale Gazette & Herald on how few children nowadays are permitted the freedom I enjoyed as a child.
The girls and I had a great time getting these publicity shots! Although once or twice that old saying 'never try to be photographed with animals and children' crossed my mind!!!!

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