Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Samburu Bird Life

The bird life in Samburu was fantastic. These vulturine guinea fowl became iconic - a symbol of the safari I led. They were everywhere and were real characters. Such great fun to watch.
I felt so priviledged. I had a pearl spotted owl living at the back of my tent and saw a Verreaux's eagle owl from my bathroom.
But it's the colours that strike you. Just look at this red-and-yellow barbet.

And this grey hooded king fisher.
Unlike most kinfishers, grey hooded kingfishers don't actually eat fish, they eat insects, which is one of those strange but true facts.
Light chanting goshawks were everywhere. They specialise in catching lizards and snakes and this one had just finished eating a lizard when I photographed it. For details of our safaris click here.

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  1. Some wonderful photos. The Grey-headed Kingfishers are really impressive. I saw them in Uganda.
    Also, the Pearl-spotted Owlet looks identical to the North American Pygmy Owl. I got the owlet in South Africa. As impressive as African mammals are, it's the birds that really blow me away.