Friday, July 13, 2012

Kes' Brood

This gorgeous trio is half of my resident kestrel's brood. I've been feeding Kes and his mate for years from my bird table and after years of encouragement I've finally persuaded them to nest in my garden.
I made a nest box out of a fallen tree stump which already had a natural hole in it. It makes the perfect backdrop for a future painting.

There are a total of six chicks in the brood and it has been such fun watching them grow.
Well done Kes!


  1. Its really a great installation for attract these kestrels,its interesting to make this kind of montages for the animals i normally put branches estrategically,driyed leafs, fruits or other kind of food for attract the animals.In one occasion i brought 40 kilos of meat in aeat place for photograpy griffon vultures.