Monday, April 2, 2012

Power line tragedy

The dangers of power lines was brought home to me with a jolt last week when I found one of the tawny owls that I often paint had been electrified on the transformer opposite the gallery.
I really hope it isn't one of a breeding pair.

And I really began to despair when I later found a clump of little owl feathers at the bottom of the hill where I know a pair are nesting and will be laying soon.

Little owls, being so small, are especially vulnerable and are often taken by other birds of prey such as sparrowhawks, buzzards and tawny owls.
I have only seen one little owl here since, so I suspect that one of the pair hasn't made it. I was beginning to feel quite despondent when I spotted a pair on the other side of Thixendale.
I took lots of photographs to lift my spirits!

Despite the fact that they were so well camouflaged!

It is good to see little owls back here. This area lost its population of little owls after a particularly bad winter two years ago.

I caught this one as it turned its head to keep an eye on a kestrel pair flying overhead!


  1. Great Little Owl shots Robert, shame abot the Tawny, I guess it happens more than we realise. What abot all the wind turbines sprouting in E Yorks?

  2. Thanks Mike, It is a huge worry about all the new wind turbines isn't it?