Friday, February 3, 2012

Short Eared Owl Watch

Did you know that owls with yellow eyes hunt during the day? My column in the Gazette & Herald this week is all about the day I watched five short eared owls hunting

Note their yellow eyes. This signifies that they hunt during the day. They make such a spectacle the way they quarter the grassland.
I'm looking forward to using these photographs for a painting. Click on the words short eared owls to link to the article.


  1. What about Eagle Owls, and other yellow eyed owls that hunt at night? I look forward to seeing your paintig of a Short-eared Owl. We have them in my town as well.

  2. Ah in Europe the eagle owl hunts also in the day and at dusk. Ours has orange eyes. What colour eyes are the ones in Alaska? Of course there's always exceptions to every rule and it looks like you've spotted it!