Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Underworld of badger baiting.

There was a very good piece in  The Yorkshire Post last week on how police nationwide are struggling to tackle badger baiting, which has continued unabated despite being outlawed in 1835.
But the response of the North Yorkshire force to my call the day I spotted badger baiters in the act was prompt and efficient and in the trial that followed the judge praised the local force for their"expidicuous" reaction.
She singled out PC Stephenson, who led the investigation, for particular praise and I would like to add that if it hadn't been for his determination to see the perpetrators put on trial this case might have ended up as yet another failed prosecution.
As it was four men were imprisoned for badger baiting last week in what has become a landmark case in the history of wildlife crime.
The Yorkshire Post also told my story of catching the badger baiters in red-handed. Click on the highlighted words to read it.

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  1. The video of footage is beautiful. The rest is ugly. I am sure that it is widespread here in Shropshire too, the number of badgers on the road (that appear) to be roadkill is increasing rapidly! That article makes some distrurbing reading, I never realised that they use cats for the dogs to practice. So terribly sad that people can view this as a sport.....