Thursday, April 7, 2011

Herons in Regents Park, London

In the countryside herons are amongst the most wary of birds so I took advantage of a weekend trip to see friends in London to visit the heronry in Regents Park.
I took some strips of pheasant, partridge and pig kidneys with me and it wasn't long before the herons were queuing up for the scraps.

At one point I had 15 herons standing in line!

I have never been so close to wild herons before.

The males' bills go red during the mating season.

It really is incredible to see how they have adapted to this urban environment.

This one was playing catch even though the park was very crowded.

And these two were fighting over the remaining scraps.

This one was catching the last sun rays of the afternoon.


  1. Fantastic photos! I can certainly see some of those making great subjects for paintings in the future? Great episode of Country File, by the way!