Thursday, March 18, 2010

Forest Dwellers

On Sunday it is World Forestry Day and we are encouraged to treasure our woodlands and forests and all that dwell there.
Cropton Forest is one place that I go to see the wildlife that inhabits our forests.
But I think that our native woodlands are also very important for wildlife. This winter I was able to get close to one of Europe's most elusive birds: woodcock.These secretive woodland birds are easy enough to spot when flushed out by hunters, but very very difficult to see on the ground. The harsh winter that we have just had was, however, ideal for wildlife watching and I was able to watch a woodcock at close quarters for the first time ever.
For more on this beautiful woodland bird see my latest column in the Yorkshire Post by clicking here.


  1. We had a Woodcock in the snow beside the foresty track in Wykeham Forest not long ago but when the car pulled alonside it was inevitably away! Nice picture and article Robert.

  2. Interesting and informative..A master stroke by you on this important day.