Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A rare sight on the Wolds

On a walk this morning I saw a Corn Bunting singing his socks off on the top of a hawthorn tree. His song is a bit like a yellow hammer's song but with a twist. They've become quite endangered and are on the 'red' list for conservation status. Click here to see a video on the RSPB website of them.


  1. 5 years ago there was a Corn Bunting on Beverley Westwood doing a perfect imitation of a Yellowhammer song. Possibly its father had died while it was young, (or still in the egg) & a Yellowhammer's song was fairly close by. The basic structure of the song is, as you say very similar. It was very weird to see/hear!
    Great website you've got.

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my website. How very interesting to read your comment. I'm putting on a blog with the different songs of the two on tomorrow - just a few technical glitches that I need to tweak - so watch this space!