Monday, April 20, 2009

Farewell O L

I've been looking after a friend's tawny owl while he has been in New Zealand. He was given to me in September, when some people found him starving in Birdsall. He was clearly a captive raised bird, that had either been released or had got lost. I fed him back to health, but didn't really have the time or the space to look after him properly, as I've already got a pet barn owl 'Fern' so I gave him to my friend.

I've loved having him to stay, and he has been flown by me most nights as well as by friends and family. The youngest person to have flown him was my godson at 3 years old - talk about brave.

He's been a superb 'model' for me to photograph. Who knows when he'll pop up next in a painting!

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