Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Valentine Badger Bodge

Valentine’s day wasn’t the most romantic for me and the Mrs. It turned out to be the only day I could get together enough friends – and borrow a teleporter – to put up my new badger hide.
I’ve been working on this for months and it was fantastic to see it finally in place – five metres high in a tree opposite a badger set.
I have fitted it with double glazing and insulation so I reckon I can bear badger watching nights in all weather – although putting it in place turned out to be particularly freezing.
Perhaps I can make it up to my wife in the summer with a romantic sunset picnic up there – after reading my column on courting grebes for The Yorkshire Post,, I think she was expecting dinner at the very least.

A grebe painting by me!

Anyhow, fellow wildlife lovers, watch this space– I’m hoping to photograph badger cubs in the spring and see them grow up.

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