Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life at the Waterhole

It was wintertime when I visited Namibia and the countryside was dry, so all the action took place at the waterholes. Day and night these life-giving pools were a hive of activity as animals and birds came to drink.

Among the most fascinating to watch were the elephants.

These two were so funny, tugging at each other's ears.

And this little one caught my eye as it charged gleefully around in the dust.

These two appeared to be having a quiet chat, before, shortly afterwards, they began a mock fight.

Whilst these two young bull elephants were testing each other's strength.


  1. thank you for posting all of these pictures :) they are great see!

  2. Yesterday I tried to comment about your great photos, but for some reason the blog would not accept comments. The leopard and rhino together in the same shot was a stunning photo. It would be a great inspration for a future painting. Dont you agree?
    I was in South Africa this past Jan. and Feb. I saw 6 Black Rhinos and 3 leopards amoung a plethora of other mammals, birds and reptiles. I hope to return to Africa next year.

  3. Hi John
    Sounds like you had good sightings too. Such an amazing continent. Sorry you couldn't post your comments the other day. The blogger gremlins must have been out :{
    Robert x