Saturday, September 18, 2010

Honey Badgers Bully the Bog Roll

Honey badgers have a very different temperament to our English badgers and at the last camp we stayed in during my Namibian trip they had taken to raiding the campsite at night foraging for any food that might have been left about.This one nicked next door's toilet roll as well! It all seemed a harmless bit of fun and so we decided to follow it and photograph it as it ravaged the roll - but then it turned on us. To find out more about my close encounter with these ferocious creatures read my latest Yorkshire Post column by clicking here.


  1. Nitpicker here. I can't see the bully. I suppose you really meant a plural?
    Otherwise an excellent title, alliteration and all!

  2. Very sharp! I'll change it right away.
    Thanks for the feedback