Friday, April 30, 2010

International Dawn Chorus Day!

If you're hoping for a lie in on Sunday you'll have to think again. It's International Dawn Chorus Day and officially time to get up with the lark...and the blackbird, the wren, the blue tits, finches, sparrows and whatever else you find in your garden.
Wrap up warm though, the weather is set to be cold again over the weekend and is especially likely to be so at 5.30am which is when you need to be out to catch the beginning of this springtime phenomenon.
No one knows quite what prompts male birds to spring to action and begin loudly declaring their territorial boundaries before they've even had their breakfast, but there is some research lately that the dawn chorus is a little quieter than it has been after birds such as robins, confused by artificial light, were found to be staying up most nights instead singing under lampposts.
Listen out for the migrant birds, many of which have already arrived - I've noticed a lot more cuckoos than usual around at the moment.

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