Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lean Times

Bring on the rain! Don't know whether I brought the drought with me from the Masai Mara, but after a wet summer we seem to be having a drastically dry autumn. And now the dry weather is beginning to affect the badgers I have been watching. Their favourite food - earthworms - have gone deep underground to find moisture.
I usually throw dog biscuits around the sett so that they stay longer and I can photograph them. Lately even those badgers that routinely turned up their noses to the biscuits have been glad of the extra food - see this fellow trying to reach under a log for one.


  1. Did you know badgers love peanuts, the unsalted kind of course.

  2. Is feeding wildlife in England legal? I would be in big trouble for feeding Badgers in the United States.

  3. Luckily it's okay over here. Is that because of the bears?