Friday, October 9, 2009

Badger Watch

The badger clan that I have been watching from my hide on the Yorkshire Wolds all year have been putting a lot of effort into social bonding lately.
They've been grooming themselves:
And each other:

...and playing loads, see these two on in a game of hide and seek!

This is all good news. The sett has been in turmoil for much of the summer after some rebellious males upset the social order. But the fact that the clan are now spending this quality time together means their social bonds will be reinforced and this means no more infighting.


  1. Hey Robert, That is really cool that you can observe badgers. I did'nt know they were gregarious. Do they live in extended family groups? The only badgers I've seen were the American variety. I've never seen more than one at a time. Are British badgers as pugnacious as their American cousins?

  2. Yes they are gregarious. There are 14 in this particular family made up of a dominant boar and sow and their siblings. There will be cousins, aunties and uncles amongst these. But the male cubs generally leave the clan to start their own sett when they mature. They are generally quite peaceful, but if the boar is being overthrown by an imposter things can get quite hairy and there is a lot of in fighting. But us humans are quite safe! Robert