Saturday, May 28, 2011

Badger Cubs

There are three badger cubs at the sett by my badger hide this year.
It's so good to see them after last year when there were no cubs there at all.
This year the clan is made up of just five adults and the whole sett is much calmer than it was two years ago when there were nine adults. At that time tensions were running high and fights would break often break out.
Already the badgers are getting more adventurous. Badgers start emerging from their underground chambers shortly after 8pm, whilst it is still quite light.
The sow pictured above with her cub is only two years old. The badgers begin to get more confident after 9pm when the light begins to fade. I have to start using a flash at this point to be able to photograph them.
This is the largest of the cubs. I think he is a male.
I put food in this hollow log thinking it would make a good photographic opportunity.
It really is a delight to watch these new youngsters as they explore their new surroundings.


  1. You have some good photos of these beautiful animals. How close were you for these?

  2. Wonderful ... especially the face in the hole! We SO enjoyed visiting your Gallery some weeks ago, and choosing some cards etc.