Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stop the plan to sell off our forests

The news this week that the government plans to sell off publicly owned forests is very alarming.
Red squirrels are already struggling and so much of our threatened wildlife depends on forest and woodland.
It costs each taxpayer just 30p a year to maintain 250,000 hectares of national forestland- hardly a drain on the public purse. Today I joined the 38 Degrees campaign to try to prevent the sell-off.


  1. Thanks for highlighting this issue Robert. I have signed the petition and will ask others to do so.

  2. Thanks Mike. It really is so important. Allerthorpe forest near here is one of the so-called 'heritage forests' which the government has pledged will only be handed to charitable trusts but I'm not convinced of how safeguarded it is. It is one of the only places left in the Vale of York where you can still see night jars and is also known for its adders.