Friday, December 17, 2010

Hares on the Run

The animals went in two by two, hurrah, hurrah! These running hares reminded me of one of my best-selling paintings, 'Hares on The Run'.
The lead hare is a female with the males running enthusiastically after them.

She runs to test their strength. Eventually she will mate with the fastest and fittest.
It is amazing to see the hares expend so much energy courting when many animals are struggling just to survive in these harsh conditions. They have had to resort to eating twigs and bark on the hedges, though.


  1. This is a great series of posts. I never knew that hares were so gregarious and that their behavior was so interesting.

  2. Robert
    You have done a fantastic job following the Hares in the snow, a picture I would love to get, but seeing up to 50!
    Very well done.

  3. Hares are wonderful animals, Robert, and I am fighting with others to stop the so-called 'sport' of hare coursing becoming legal again. Keep up your great work and thank you for the perfect pheasant Christmas cards.

  4. love the hare sitting in the snow the most! perfect!
    thanks for your dedication to the animals :)

  5. Robert

    I just found you for the first time in the form of greetings cards in a shop near my home town of Lancaster in Lancashire. I was impressed by your work and its excellent standard....I'm now going to keep my eye on you and have become one of your 'Followers' and am also considering linking to you from my blog