Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Badger Groom

I have been watching my badger sett of late, but so far no sign of any new cubs. I have to conclude that this year their just won't be any. I think this can only be because of the extreme drought of last autumn and this spring, coupled with an extremely harsh winter. These conditions will have put such a lot of pressure on the badgers to survive that nature will have decided it wouldn't be a good time to put further strain on the clan.

However, the clan does seem to be at its most relaxed that I have ever seen. It seems without cubs there is much more time for simply enjoying the late evening sun and grooming!

So as I won't be posting any new cubs photos, I thought you might like to see a few sketches of last year's cubs from my current exhibition.

I've got another wildlife group coming for an Introduction to Wildlife Watching safari tomorrow before the exhibition opens and I've got a few sightings planned that will hopefully come off!

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