Friday, May 21, 2010

Nuthatch Beauty

Took this last week. Did you know that nuthatches will usually walk down a tree trunk whilst foraging, whilst treecreepers walk up them?


  1. Beautiful bird pictures! My nuthatch is bluer with a much longer tail and has no reddish-brown beneath the wing. Aside from the stripe at the eye, I might not have recognized it. Here in Maine, they are often mistaken for the State Bird, the Chick-a-dee, for their similarities in both color and size. But you're right, they walk down trees and that's always a dead give-a-way! (plus they never quite figured out how to say chick-o-dee dee dee..)

  2. Is this a photograph? It looks just like one of your paintings.

  3. Yes this is a photo. But I am thinking of using it to paint from.