Friday, January 15, 2010

Field frenzy!

I've got loads of fieldfares in the garden at the moment. They're easily tempted in with old apples now that their natural food source is almost depleted in this long cold period that we're having. They're so hungry at the moment they're even eating dog rose hips. I've never seen any bird eating these before!
I'm going to be starting a colourful painting of a fieldfare soon with apples.


  1. I look forward to seeing the Fieldfare painting. I hope you incorporate the pose of the bird in the top photo.

  2. i think the cold snap has brought a glut of fieldfares and redwings in to the country,theyre everywhere down here in the south right now.havnt been lucky enough to encounter any waxwings yet though!.fabulous photo's!

  3. Yes waxwings have been thin on the ground here too, last year was a real bonanza. I was reading in the Times that it's because the rowan berries have been so plentiful in Scandinavia this year. Although there seems to have been a scattering of Waxwings in East Anglia recently.