Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sneak Preview of Exhibition

My Christmas Exhibition opens on Saturday and these are the new original paintings that will be hanging on the gallery walls. If you would like any more information on any of them please click here. Why not comment below to tell me which is your favourite?

Tufty the Badger Painted in Oils

Fox on the Lookout Painted in Oils

Otter Portrait in Oils

Tufty the Badger in Oils

Long-tailed Tits on Blackthorn in Oils

Robin on Post in Oils

'Work in Progress' Blue Tit on Cherry Blossom in Oils

Stripey, Hoover and Dyson in Acrylic & Pencil

Gappy and Stripy in Acrylic and Pencil

Cropton Badger in Acrylic and Pencil

Tufty Sketch in Acrylics and Pencil

Red Stag in the Mist Pencil Drawing

Boxing Hares Sketch in Pencil

Barn Owls at Duggleby in Oils

Curled Up in Acrylics and Pencil

Fox Cub in Oils

Love Birds in Acrylics

Swan in Oils

Swans a Swimming in Oils

Two Fawns in Pencil and Acrylic

Tender Moment in Pencil and Acrylics

Penguins on Salisbury Plain in Acrylic

King of Savute in Oils
Zebras of Nakuru in Oils

European Brown Bear in Oils

Gentoo & Chicks in Oils


  1. Robert, It is obvious that you have spent a lot of time observing badgers. They really stand out. I also love the Blue Tit, and penguins. Good luck with your Christmas Exhibition.