Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Painting it Blue

It's breeding time again for kingfishers. I have a spot where I have been watching them for two years, on and off, and have learned all their fishing posts. Read more

While I was out watching them, I set this camera on infra red beam to get a photo of one on its perch. Instead, this kingfisher decided to use my camera as a fishing post! I had mixed feelings about his choice: afterwards the camera was covered in slime and fish scales. Still, I have some fabulous photographs for future paintings.

The blue of a kingfisher's back is a bright, irridescent blue. It is very difficult to render in paint, but I've developed a few strategies over the years to make the kingfisher's blue zing. Instead of working dark to light, I put pure white down first and then wash over the pure pigment of phytalocyanin blue, which gives a more vibrant colour.


  1. Wow, what a fantastic photo, I think you could sell this one to Canon.

  2. Great Photo and Painting
    I really like your composition and style.
    This has a japanese feeling to it. Your background really hailights this guys coloring